The proposed closure of our local libraries is a measure of the callous disregard and contempt that this Conservative ruled County Council has for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.  The loss of Tarpots, South Benfleet and Hadleigh libraries will have an immeasurable cost to the quality of life for many disabled, housebound, older members of our community, who rely upon the services offered by  both paid and volunteers workers who deliver and collect books to and from the homes of those who are unable to access this service in person.  
  • Did the Tory County Council think that we, as a community would stand by and lose this service forever?
  • Did they think that our community would tolerate this injustice?
  • Did they think our community would not fight with everything in our means to stop this despicable and unnecessary cut?
Say NO to  more cuts and say NO
to the closure of our libraries.
Join the fight and support
Save Our Libraries Essex protests.





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