Joe has served as your St George’s Cllr. previously and is keen to work on your behalf again in this Tory dominated Council. He and his family have lived in the ward since 1970. A retired Ford Snr. Systems Analyst and current Chair of the Dunton Ford Unite Staff Union, Joe was a Ford Apprentice before gaining his degree in Electronics. A previous governor of Woodham Ley School, current elected governor of Southend Hospital and Chair of his GP’s Patient Participation Group, he has always been involved with and available to the community. He was your Labour Parliamentary Candidate in 2015 & 2017, gaining valuable experience. He will be your strong voice on Castle Point Council.

St George' sWard

Joe Cooke

Dear Elector,

I write to you as a fellow St George’s ward resident. My family has grown up here. Both daughters attended Montgomery and my youngest granddaughter is at Woodham Ley. Ienjoy being involved in our community and have served as one of your three St George’s Councillors for a total of 11yrs up to 2003. Labour’s 1998 Local Plan protected our Greenbelt but the expensive Tory fiasco over its replacement has ended with likely transfer of control to Government Inspectors. Why did the Tories offer up Glebelands Greenbelt site? Why have the Tories agreed to remove more than 60 of our street lights without consultation, on top of the nightly switch off? I hear of too many personal injuries from trip hazards on our crumbling footpaths. Dangerous pot holes in our roads are now the norm. Even more serious is the threat to our essential services as the Tories pursue their “less government” ideology. Police cuts make us vulnerable to burglaries, car thefts and vandalism.

Our NHS underfunding affects staff and equipment. GP services can’t cope and Ambulance services are leaving the vulnerable in pain to deal with even higher priorities. With Child, Youth and Elderly services slashed, school per-pupil spending cut, and more cuts to come, there has never been a greater need for a Labour voice on your behalf. Let’s get back to investing in our long term future for a healthy, well educated and fairly treated community. I will champion that on your behalf.

Joe Cooke